Welcome to BFME2 – ”Special Extended Edition”
- a re-mod of "Marks BFME2 Full GamePlay Mod v1.04b"

>>> Beta release v1.2: "BETA III" <<<
(Please see the PDF for loads of screen shots)
NOTE: BETA IV is on the way! - Stay tuned ;)

Features in SHORT (see PDF for more info!!!)

in no particular order...

- Focus on defence rather that offence, to give time for
strategic planning, and offensive action LATER in game!

- MAJOR re-balancing of ENTIRE game, to ad "realism"!!!
Health - Armor - Damage : ALL balanced carefully!

- All players of this mod, regardless of owned retail version, will benefit from some seleced and suitable items from the Collector's Edition!

- Stronger structures! Siege equipment is tougher and much more useful! Very strong (and expensive) fortresses, stronger walls : all for the sake of highten realism and the need for Siege machines!

- Higher health and armor for some units, and higher damage for others. Balrogs, Mumakils, Dragons and other major monsters are now MUCH stronger!

- Longer building times & NO MORE RUSH TACTICS!!!

- Reskins of ALL units in game to look more "real", for ex;
# EVERY hero in game has been given a new high res skin!!!
# New Orc Models from the talented modeler "Nightmare" of the mod "BFME+" with LOADS of versatility for them : shields, helmets, weapons, hair, all to make the Orcs really look more like the Orcs in Peter Jackson's lovely movies!
# New Gondor skins with better detail and metal look,
# New Rohan skins with leather and much versatility,
# New dwarven skins with leather and Mithril metal,
# New dark uruk skins with much rust and dirt,
# New Elven armor of "movie sort",
and MUCH more...

- No more insanely ugly faction colors at all!!! Noone wants a Nazgul with pink arms, or an Ent with blue leaves, right???

- No more ridiculous RED Forged Blade's glow that makes them look like Sith lords! All units now use the more subtle BLUE fx shimmer for Forged Blades!

- Major re-scaling of need units such as Mûmakils, Ents, Giants and The Grond! All are now in "natural sizes"!!! And some heroes (mainly Elven) was too big compared to units, so they've been scaled down instead to match the rest!

- Ships, their Scale, Speed, Armor and Damage, have been extensivly over worked now, all for that "natural" feeling!

- Rohan mini faction with Rohan Golden Hall, Rohirrim Stable, Archery Range, Armory, Battle Tower, Well and Hero Statue : all polished and working beautifully, is added to Men of the West!

- New heroes!!!
9 Nazgûls, Gothmog with Warg, Ugluk, Galadriel, Celeborn, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, Giant Eagle for all Good factions and Fellbeasts for Isengard!

- New units!!!
Noldor Warriors, Lórien Warriors, Rohan Peasants, Rohan Archers, Dwarven Berserkers, Uruk Elite, Uruk Scouts,
Orc Pikemen... and the dragon Smaug!!!

- Hobbit Warriors are now recruitable from new Hobbit House for Elven faction! And the new Hobbit heroes can ride Treebeard & throw rocks!

- Ents can make themselves invisible while standing still in a forest or close to a tree! Just like it ought to be!

- New powers for Nazgûls and The Witch-king!
They now go by foot, horse or Fellbeast and Witch-king can use his burning sword like in the movie RotK! ;)

- Every faction has got an air unit
(Eagles, Fellbeasts or Dragon) for spectacular air fights!

- Heroes, monsters and some units have auto healing!

- Shelob and Gollum can now climb walls, like in the movies!

- CaH (Create a Hero) fix! CaH was way over powered and the CaH troll was underpowered! This has been fixed and polished greatly to match the rest of the game!

- Better AI
For example; they now build structures and towers close and all around their fortress to defend the inner base! AI has also been quite polished since initial first Beta, so from Beta IV (coming) and onwards, the AI has been given all new units and I have also gone through all ini's in the game to look for missing AI code for Hero powers and I found a LOT that was missing. All heroes should now be able to use all powers even when controlled by the AI!

- Polished ToolTips for better descriptions of units and powers as well as added "movie feeling"!

NOTE: These are just a few examples of the major features of this mod!
Please read ALL about this extensive mod in the PDF below...


I really hope you enjoy this 6 months of hard labour! :)
Please stay tuned for FINAL release summer 2007...

Regards ///Chris Bengtsson, Sweden
AKA "Nazgûl" @ The 3rd Age forums


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